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About UsThe Traditional Baduk Association

The Traditional Baduk Association is under the directorship of Grandmaster and Doctor of Eastern Medicine (OMD) Edward K. Song. Grandmaster Song is dedicated to promoting health and overall quality of life. Grand Master Song came to the United States from Korea with the intent to spread the traditional concept of baduk. The traditional concept of baduk relates to the traditional martial arts and eastern medicine through Ki concepts. Grandmaster Song developed his skill and knowledge directly from his father, Grandmaster Song, Jung Soo and his Grandfather, Grandmaster Song, Keum Sool. These teachings and philosophies were maintained and passed within the Song family by the great Masters and continued to be taught by Grandmaster Song.

Grand Master Song has dedicated many years of time and finances toward the development of the Traditional Baduk Association (TBA). This dedication and development also includes the development of the TBA Program. Grand Master Song developed the TBA Program to spread the education of Baduk and health to the world. This tool was also created for the purpose to gain a healthier life through the development of concentration, wisdom, and philosophy. Baduk has many benefits for developing health. Medically speaking, it may help prevent Alzheimer's disease and may also help with early neuron development which affects logic, IQ, and EQ in younger individuals. Grand Master Song states that he would like to contribute his knowledge received throughout his life to the public and throughout the world.