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For Immediate Release Traditional Baduk Association

Traditional Baduk Association (TBA)

Ancient Art of Baduk Offers Physical and Mental Benefits

Local Doctor, Author and Grand Master of Martial Arts create a web-based Baduk community to share the traditions and benefits of this ancient game for the general welfare of the public!

Anyone who wants to learn the traditional art of Baduk (the world’s oldest and most challenging board game) can now do so through Traditional Baduk Association ("TBA"). TBA was originally founded in Texas around 2000.

Baduk is also known as "Go", in Japan and "Wei Chi" in China. This game of strategy and concentration originated in China about 4,000 years ago and is played by nearly one-third of the population in Korea, China and Japan. Dr. Edward Song, a native of Korea now residing in Plano, founded the Traditional Baduk Association and created a TBA computer program to educate the public on The Art of Baduk with the goal to establish a traditional Baduk learning format.

Dr. Edward Song is well known Doctor that he served 4 times as a president of Korean Acupuncture Association in Texas. Dr. Edward Song has been featured on radios and televisions programs, as well as, newspaper and magazine articles. For example, Dr. Edward Song appeared on the Fox channel, a nationally-broadcasted television station. He was also interviewed on local and national radio TV talk shows such as “Talk of Town”, “6 AM”, and “On location” on topics pertaining to Eastern Medicine and Martial Arts. Additionally, Dr. Edward Song was published in the “Dallas Morning News”, “D Magazine” many other newspapers, trade magazines, and monthly Baduk publications both in the United States and Korea.

The development of skills necessary to play Baduk help improve mental acuity through focus, concentration, strategy and wisdom. It provides wisdom and meaning to the study of life through philosophy. Baduk has always been and remains today an integral key to building discipline within the martial arts. TBA teaches the traditional philosophy and mental conditioning associated with the ancient way of the Masters as it was originally intended. This ancient, natural and philosophical mental exercise is used to stimulate mental abilities and promote individuals' mental health and discipline. Medically speaking Baduk has been shown to have modern applications. It has shown to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and help young people with early neuron development which affects logic, Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient. Recently Baduk was highlighted in Wired Magazine, Qi magazine and movies as the only board game that computer programs have been unable to master.

As Dr. Edward Song explains: "Traditional Baduk, Martial Arts, and Eastern medicine were interrelated in ancient Eastern societies, and studied by ancient warriors to improve their mental conditioning,” Dr. Song, is a Doctor of Eastern Medicine and Author of 38 books and a high-ranking lifetime Baduk player (9th degree amateur). He is considered to be one of the highest ranking Masters in the world and an expert of traditional Martial Arts. He has created TBA to share the physical and mental benefits of this game to all people and provide a legacy to the community.” He has invested 15 years of his time and thousands of dollars to develop an online community and accessible website which is the first of its kind in the U.S.

TBA’s Membership is free and open to the public through the TBA website that allows for real-time play with other members, as well as, self study games. The TBA program enhances your experience by providing Baduk lessons and Philosophy lectures on the website. To register, simply provide your user name and email then log in and begin using the program on the internet through any web based browser. The site is available in multiple languages. TBA will officially certify Grade and Degree of the members through and supports tournament play. Future plans to provide a Title Match called the "Mental World Cup" is slated for the near future.

For more information on Baduk and the Traditional Baduk Association, go to or ,, the official site of the Traditional Baduk Association.