Baduk Research

Baduk (go) influence to the brain development is much more benefits than original thought by medical report- hangyeorae newspaper

Korean researchers found link between baduk and brain development

Reported by Korean News paper “Han Kyu Rae Daily News Paper”

Baduk (Go)

Leaving with baduk study and practice is a good brain developing exercise. Baduk study results were remarkable for the brain condition. The researchers of Seoul National University Hospital announced., The research and report is done by Professor of Neuropsychiatry gwonjunsu Team: and (first author Guangzhou gwagiwon a fortnight) The 17 volunteers were study supported by the public and experts and compared the results of long-term research training of baduk (Go)’s influence to the brain condition. Researchers were researched all parts of brain including of brain regions related to the development of concentration, problem solving ability. The study time was approximately for 14 days on the effects.

The results of this study are going to be published in the magazine of brain imaging and scheduled for upcoming issue. It’s known as academic field of Neuro Image science magazine call “Neuroimage” in august issue.

Come to researchers analyzed of diffusion tensor imaging of the brain shows cerebral frontal stimulation on expert group. It was compared with the general population.

The benefits from baduk study are the limbic system, thalamus, including the interconnectedness between different areas that make up the lower cortical was highly developed. These areas are the brain structures involved in the exercise of important cognitive functions such as attention, working memory, perform control ability, problem solving ability.

The team of this research said it would show the lower lobe white matter regions was developed which, unlike the pattern that they save themselves and the public to save the memory, one whole and, as in the case of In the case of long-term training by experts Go one skill 'father-in-law.

The study conducted with the Korea Baduk experts from 17 origins has learned to Baduk Professional Player. 9 people were practicing for over 10 years, including a trainee youth participated mean age was 17 years.

On the other hand, recent brain structure of images that can be used in imaging, diffusion tensor imaging study will help to connect the different areas of the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for higher cognitive functions as the eye can see the white matter bundles directly to the conduit to pass information the technology.

Professor gwonjunsu "The results of this study are expected to contribute to a more in-depth identification of the structure and function of the human brain," and "treatment of various disorders associated with cognitive and educational goals of this based on brain development and is expected to be of great help in the promotion, "he said.